If you are already sending events/logs to a destination, we can connect to that source and pipe the events from there to Doctor Droid. We currently support the following sources:

  1. Segment / Rudderstack
  2. Amplitude / Clevertap / Mixpanel
  3. SQS / Kafka
  4. Cloudwatch / Elastic
  5. OpenTelemetry Collectors

These connectors are in private beta. If you want to use Doctor Droid with these connectors, signup on our platform and request the connector from our integrations page.

Alternatively, you can send us an email on [email protected]. We'll help you get started.

What type of events will you take from the connected source?

We don't need system or nginx logs. We only need logs that are generated from within the code with data printed in them. This could be application data logs or incoming/outgoing API logs.

How will Doctor Droid understand the unstructured logs?

We will work with you to convert and filter your existing events/logs to events that Doctor Droid understands. This converter will lie in our backend, tagged to your account. Once the pipeline is setup, we will only take in logs that are needed for monitoring your specific use-case, so that you can leverage the full potential of Doctor Droid's platform.

Are these logs sufficient to use Doctor Droid?

If you find the existing data in your connected source isn't sufficient to get a full picture using Doctor Droid, you can add more logs in that source using your existing method and we will get them.

Is using a connector as good as passing events directly?

If events are passed directly to Doctor Droid, there is definitely more control over the data in them and they are also ingested and processed in real-time. When using connectors, the latency of the log coming into the source and the pipeline that passes them to us, there definitely could be a slight delay.

What more connectors will be available in the future?

Here is our roadmap for adding support to other data streams:

  1. Log forwarding output plugins [Q2 2023]
  2. Airflow [Q2 2023]
  3. Databases [Q2 2023]

If you want a specific integration or SDK sooner, please reach out to us through this form and tell us about your need. We'll try to prioritise it if multiple teams want it.