SQL Databases

  1. Prerequisites: Obtain the database host, port, and credentials (username and password) with read access to the databases you want to query.

  2. Configuring Playbooks: Go to Integrations > SQL Databases in the Playbooks dashboard. Enter your database connection details.

  3. Testing the Integration: Create a playbook that includes a step to run a simple SELECT query against your Clickhouse database and verify the results are fetched correctly.

PostgreSQL limited access

To restrict permissions to the users accessing PostgreSQL instance via Playbooks, we recommend creating a custom role with the minimal permissions to get the relevant data. Here are 3 queries that you can run in your pgSQL query console to create a new account:

Create a new user:

CREATE USER demo_video WITH PASSWORD '%3v8923nv3yn5I';

Give required permissions to the user:

GRANT SELECT ON table_name TO demo_video;

Verify permissions granted:

  FROM information_schema.role_table_grants 
 WHERE grantee = 'demo_video';