Entity Triggers & Funnel Branching

Key Releases:


Introducing Workflows v0.1 & self-hosted deployment

Since the previous update there have been two features that have been released:

Analyzing Transaction Journeys better

We have added 2 key updates to our platform since the previous update:


Analyzing your application statefully -- Entities Funnel view v0.1

We are releasing the flow view in Entities under beta. ☺️


Saving metrics as dashboards; Metrics explorer for monitors

Hello folks, 2 key releases are coming along this time:


Metrics Explorer - A quick way to plot trends of events & monitors

In this release, we have launched a Metrics Explorer -- a way to visualize the events sent to Dr. Droid platform.


Adding Entities [Beta], a way to trace workflows & processes

This week, we are adding entities to the platform. An entity helps you define product goals and track intermediate steps proactively. You can consider them like a business trace or business object.


Launching no-code connectors via Segment, Cloudwatch & more!

While we do have SDKs and APIs, we realised that some of you are already generating events for critical checkpoints. To stream this data into Doctor Droid, we have launched connectors with the following sources:


Introducing Triggers by Doctor Droid

This week, we are adding Triggers functionality into our product — a feature that enables proactive tracking of transactions.


Improved alerting rules, public demo & events section

Exciting news from Doctor Droid! Recently, we did our first public product demo, at Accel's Developer Community event on observability in Bangalore. Here are some key highlights from our recent release: