Datadog integration LIVE & beta launch of Playbooks

In the last two weeks, our team has achieved a few critical milestones:

A sprint full of Machine Learning and integrations

Here are some of the things launched in the last 2 weeks:

Alert Insights GA + Cancelling Playbooks

The last two weeks have been a lot of development on the alert insights bot. Here's what we delivered:

Playbook generation v0.1

In a concept prototyping, we have created a tool that helps write playbooks to automate investigations for engineering teams. Here is the current functionality of the tool:

Alerts Insights updation

Added capabilities to

Alerts-Insights v0.1

Pre-13th December:

Open Source repo launch, dashboards update and sandbox

Here are some key updates since our last update:

Entity Triggers & Funnel Branching

Key Releases:


Introducing Workflows v0.1 & self-hosted deployment

Since the previous update there have been two features that have been released:

Analyzing Transaction Journeys better

We have added 2 key updates to our platform since the previous update: