Adding Entities [Beta], a way to trace workflows & processes

This week, we are adding entities to the platform. An entity helps you define product goals and track intermediate steps proactively. You can consider them like a business trace or business object.

Creating an entity

While creating an entity, you can select any number of events that could be relevant in context of your product workflow. For e.g., the below sample shows how an entity related to a payment has been created.

Monitoring an entity

Our platform automatically creates any trigger rules created on any of the events within an entity. What it means is that, as soon as you create an entity, you are already able to see the health of these entities, out-of-the-box.

For instance, in this below example, there were two rules created to monitor "wallet-api-failing" and "bank-server-unresponsive" already.

They are automatically correlated with the entity, hence giving a very simple way to debug or track an issue associated with a critical flow.