What is Doctor Droid?

Doctor Droid is a monitoring tool that enables you to capture critical events in the lifecycle of your backend applications. Doctor Droid then enables you to create simplified views for your team to monitor & debug any customer complain in seconds by connecting the events together.

Introduction to our data modelling

Doctor Droid's data model is built on 3 concepts: Events, Monitors & Entities.


An event is a singular data point which represents a critical information regarding the state of the application. An event would have a name as well as a payload with associated attributes in it.

An example of an event "initiated" created whenever an order matching is initiated on a food delivery platform.

An example of an event

Aggregation over an event to create a metric will enable you to monitor product behaviour and slice it by different attributes & time. Read more about the events & what can be done with an event here.


A monitor represents a join between two events, which are potentially interlinked within the context of the business & can be treated as a transaction.

For instance, a monitor "allocation-failed" represents a transaction where an order transitioned from state "DriverFetched" (event) to "AllocationFailed" (event).

Setting up monitors could help in proactively detecting failures in critical transitions in your stateful application. Read more about monitors here.


An entity represents a group of two or more events which can help you stitch together the entire journey of an object.

Deviations in entity behaviour would be direct representative of customer or business impact. Read more about entities here.