Datadog integration LIVE & beta launch of Playbooks

The team achieved milestones including going live on Datadog Integrations and launching a private beta of Playbooks for faster issue investigation. They also integrated and supported Coralogix alerts on the Alert Insights dashboard.

In the last two weeks, our team has achieved a few critical milestones:

  1. Went live on Datadog Integrations -- you can read more about the integrations and it's capabilities here --

  2. Launching private beta of Playbooks -- a faster way to investigate issues.

    1. Create a playbook with recommended steps to investigate an issue or add new steps as per your context.

    2. Auto-discovery of metadata for the stack pre-connected -- get full dictionary of all the assets accessible in the playbook.

  3. Integration & support for Coralogix alerts on the Alert Insights dashboard