Entity Triggers & Funnel Branching

Key Releases:

  • Setting up rules to track entities
  • Giving visibility of branches in a funnel

There are 3 new triggers that we have introduced:

  • Detect a transaction stuck at a state
    • This is useful when you know that an object is supposed to not stay at a certain state for more than "x" duration.
  • Detect an event's occurrence
    • This is useful when you want to get alerted on an event's happening.
  • Detect an event occurring multiple times
    • This is useful when you want to get alerted on an event happening more than "n" times within a specific time window.

Here's a demo video of the triggers:

Branching in Funnels

  • Until now, we enabled you to monitor funnels and identify drops at different steps.
  • When you notice a drop in the funnel, we now enable you to know what other paths did the events take. This enables you to investigate an issue further.

To try the platform, sign up and try the playground now: https://drdroid.io/