On-Call playbooks Activated

In the last two weeks, key updates include the launch of On-Call Playbooks with metadata integrations for New Relic, Datadog, Cloudwatch, and Grafana, as well as executions for Cloudwatch Metrics, Cloudwatch Logs, and Grafana Panels. Additionally, an Alert Insights Slack App has been submitted for Directory Publishing.

here are some of the key updates accomplished:

  1. On-Call Playbooks are now LIVE with following metadata integrations:

    1. New Relic

    2. Datadog

    3. Cloudwatch

    4. Grafana

  2. On-Call Playbooks are now LIVE with following executions:

    1. Cloudwatch Metrics

    2. Cloudwatch Logs

    3. Grafana Panels (Prometheus)

  3. Alert Insights Slack App Submitted for Directory Publishing