Releasing Playbooks v0.1 -- An Open Source Framework

Transitioning from Cloud to Open Source

We started with building a cloud based MVP for Playbooks. Very soon, we reached 8-10 integrations and the interest from users started to spike but after a few discussions with our users, we realised that the barrier to exposing observability data to a Cloud platform hindered users frequently from the trying the tool.

For the release v0.1 of the Open Source framework, we did the following:

  • Refactoring of the code for Open Source Playbooks.
  • Removal of any custom logic / code.
  • Enable self-creation of an App in Slack and manual integration of Datadog as against the previously existing OAuth flow.
  • Auth: Removed Google OAuth, the complexity around managing multiple accounts/clients and the need to verify email.
  • Created a file-server within the project to support image sending capabilities.

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