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Step 1: Create an API key associated with your user.

You can name this one 'dr-droid-key' and copy the "Key".

Step 2: Create an APP key with the following scopes:

Scopes requested (optional):

apm_service_catalog_read, ci_visibility_read, dashboards_read, events_read, incident_notification_settings_write, incident_read, incident_settings_write, incident_write, metrics_read, monitors_read, slos_read, create_webhooks, timeseries_query

Step 3: Enter the relevant Site Parameter:

Read more on the different site parameters here.

Step 4: Test connection & save


Playbooks currently support the following types of queries within Datadog:

  • Fetching results of any custom datadog metric query.
  • Fetching Golden signals by selecting a service name.
  • Fetching panels from any custom dashboard in Datadog.
  • Selecting any of the metric that has been identified by Datadog's metric summary.


  • Fetching logs from Datadog.