Datadog Integration

To connect your Datadog account, install us from the Datadog integrations page:

Step 1: Install the app

Step 2: Approve scopes by clicking "configure"

This will be redirecting you to an OAuth flow where you give permission for scopes.

Step 3: Configuring monitors to webhooks

To activate Doctor Droid's auto-diagnosis and investigation, you need to add Doctor-Droid webhook to that monitor's destinations.

Step 4: Receive insights in response to your monitors

Upon activation of auto-diagnosis, it will start sending response to your team as events with a diagnosis summary.

Alternate option (in case of any issues with the abovementioned integration flow)

Step 1: Create an API key associated with your user.

You can name this one 'dr-droid-key' and copy the "Key" (not key-id).

Step 2: Create an APP key with the following scopes:

Scopes requested (total of 13):

apm_service_catalog_read, ci_visibility_read, dashboards_read, events_read, incident_notification_settings_write, incident_read, incident_settings_write, incident_write, metrics_read, monitors_read, slos_read, create_webhooks, timeseries_query

To read more about how App key, Authorization scopes and API key work in Datadog, you can read this doc.

Step 3: Add the key within Doctor Droid integrations page.

Step 4: Run the playbook from Doctor Droid platform.