Alerts-Insights v0.1

Summary: Before December 13th, integrations with various tools were implemented, charts were published as images, and 1-click data fetching was enabled. On December 13th, a streamlit app with aggregate insights at a channel level was published. On December 14th, the structure was changed, an option to remove specific alerts was added, the dashboard was consolidated into a single file, and integration with Google Chats was added.

Pre-13th December:

  • Integrations: Slack[SJ], NewRelic[MG], Datadog[MG], Sentry[MG/AA], Honeybadger[MG/AA], Squadcast[SJ/AA].
  • Published charts as images to users.[SJ]
  • 1-click data fetching from all integrations [MG]

[13th December, 2023]

  • Published streamlit app with aggregate insights at a channel level, with different data sources for every channel.

[14th December, 2023]

  • Changed structure to alert_type (infra, apm, error, container)
  • Added an option for user to remove a specific alert (this can be useful if there was one specific noisy alert that might be making the entire data too noisy)
  • Running entire dashboard from a single file.
  • Added integration to Google Chats.