Analyzing Transaction Journeys better

We have added 2 key updates to our platform since the previous update:

  • You can now visualise funnels and filter them by any attribute.
    What does it mean? Let's say you're joining 5 unique events and want to filter these by an attribute in the first event, you can do that.
  • You can now see the transactions which are dropped between consecutive steps.
    For example, if the transaction in your product is expected to go from A --> B --> C, and there's a 2% drop from A --> B, you can click on the connecting line and see the transactions for which the drop happened.

Here's a short demo video walking you through this feature.

Additional releases:

  • Extensive search on transactions:
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  • Extensive search on Entities (List View):
    Similar search capabilities on the entities page are also enabled now.
  • Auto-refresh on custom time-window:
    Now, you can setup a time-window which is different from past 30 minutes. For example, you can now set time-window "from 9pm yesterday until now" and get auto-refreshes on the dashboard.