Architectural Upgrade -- Support for multiple connectors of same data source


  • Support for multiple connectors of a single data source
  • New Connectors: Azure Log Analytics, iFrame, Grafana custom query, Trino


  • Update to the Helm charts to make databases stateful
  • API handling enhancements -- Updated JSON handling as strings for API task payloads and headers


  • Fixed Slack notification URL
  • Fixed mySQL integration
  • Minor and critical bug fixes in Grafana task definitions and query rendering
  • Fixed list view execution bug in UI
  • Resolved issues with Slack connector authentication and linking
  • Addressed minor UI bugs relating to back button and error displays
  • Handled exceptions and minor issues across EKS and Azure task interactions
  • PostgreSQL integration fixes regarding field mismatches and query rendering


  • Deprecated support for dashboard driven queries from Grafana (If you've created steps using this, it'll still work but new ones will not. Going forward, please use the Grafana custom query steps)


  • Support for GKE

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