Mimir Integration, Helm Chart Installation & API call extensions


New Features:

  • Setup: Install the project using Helm charts
  • Setup: Install the project from the last release instead of doing it from the main branch
  • Playbooks:Support to run any query on a Mimir data source. Watch Demo
    • Feature to Disable SSL verification
  • Playbooks: API call improvement: Added JSON handling as strings. Watch demo.


  • Playbooks: Usage of global variables in tasks.
  • Playbooks: Interpretation: fixes to ensure the correct step interpretation selection in lists.
  • Playbooks: image generation using Plotly fix.
  • Playbooks: checks before user page load to verify user existence.
  • Playbooks: Updated transformers for both old and new Grafana task definitions.
    • Fixed multiple bugs in Grafana integrations including ssl verify flag, precreated PB execution, and more.
  • Playbooks: Fixed auth token issue in Slack connector.


2 critical stories have been picked up that are soon to be completed:

  • Adding multiple connectors of same source type:
    Currently, we have an architecture where there's only one connector feasible for a single connector. With this update, we will allow for multiple connectors of the same type to be added within any account. This will make it a 2 tier connector-source configuration now.
  • De-linking tasks with connectors:
    A playbook comprises of multiple steps. Each steps is a set of tasks which could be fetching metrics, logs, db queries, bash commands or more.
    In the current architecture, any step within the playbook needs to be mapped with a pre-configured integration. This makes it hard for teams to copy steps between different playbooks or create steps for tools that might not have been integrated yet, but would be.
    To overcome this barrier, we will be removing the need to mandatorily have an connected integration within the task of a playbook. In case an integration is marked in the step but is not configured, it will now send a warning to user that connector is not added.