Alert Quality Score (AQS)

What is AQS?

An Alert Quality Score added in your Alert Insights dashboard is a derivative metric derived on top of two parameters:

  • Frequency -- How frequent your alerts are.
  • Actionability -- How actionable your alerts are.

What is the objective of Frequency Score? How is it calculated?

The frequency score of any channel enables you to identify how likely is a user (on that channel) going to look at that alert. The higher the frequency score, the lower the probability of an user muting the channel due to overflowing alerts.

The frequency score is inversely proportional to the number of alerts received in a channel.

What is the objective of Actionability Score?

Actionability score helps you identify the probability of an alerts received in your channel being critical to act upon. A channel would have a high actionability score if:

  • Most of their alerts are different / unique (identified by the source and title of an alert)
  • The same alerts don't take up most of the alert volume in the channel.

A low actionability score can often mean that the same alert is repeating too often and might reduce the propensity of an engineer to prioritise alerts.

Is this calculated at organisation level or channel level?

The AQS is calculated at a channel level. The channel level scores are then aggregated over an organisational level (with equal weightage to each channel)

Is my data compared against other organisations?

  • No. The data is computed against absolute averages. The absolute averages are computed over millions of alerts processed by Doctor Droid bot.

How frequently is AQS updated?

The AQS is calculated every day for a rolling window of previous 14 days.