Alerts & Actions

Receive alerts when your events aren't following a predefined pattern. These patterns are intuitively configurable within Doctor Droid's interface using monitors. These alerts can be received as a slack notification or an email.

Slack Alerts


A typical Doctor Droid Slack alert

It tells you the following:

  1. The monitor and the trigger that caused the alert
  2. The trigger details of the reason behind alert generation with the context of what order, customer or transaction is impacted
  3. The time when this alert got triggered (just in case the notification gets delayed at Slack's end)
  4. The link to see more details on the Doctor Droid portal. That will give summary of what events got missed or delayed.

Email Alerts

Email alerts are similar to Slack alerts. They are easier to configure as you don't need a webhook URL to get started.

Alerts on portal

Alerts sent on Slack / Email have link to its details page from Doctor Droid portal which is accessible behind login. This image from a sample alert shows that the alert is due to the secondary event missing in the Sample Monitor and specified the Key for the first event. This helps you to quickly know the context for which this miss happened.


In Q2 2023, we will be introducing 'Actions' which will allow you to do the following:

  1. Trigger webhook calls to your pre-configured endpoints
  2. Create tickets in your incident management tools like Jira or Pagerduty
  3. Run a custom script for a specific action right within Doctor Droid's workspace