Get insights on your monitoring alerts by leveraging Doctor Droid's AlertOps toolkit

Doctor Droid is building tools to help engineering teams improve their alerts management through its AlertOps toolkit. This toolkit enables you to identify & reduce noise in your alert through an insights report.

Report Structure

This is a link to a sample insights report. (These are insights for our other product's alerts, Kenobi.)

Below are some components of the report given your chosen alert channels, alert sources and time duration. The report is generated within a few minutes for the past 12 months.

Distribution of alerts across slack channels and source

Distribution of alerts across Slack channels and source

Top 10 most popular alerts

Top 10 most popular alerts

Top 5 alerts timeline

Top 5 alerts timeline

Most frequently breaking transactions (APIs / Tasks)

Most frequently breaking transactions (APIs / Tasks)

Choose a tag to see the histogram of its value in those alerts

Choose a tag to see the histogram of its value in those alerts

Additional insights:

Apart from the above mentioned tags, our engine also analyses your alerts to extract any more possible tags. For example, here's a list of tags that were extracted in the above mentioned report.

Toolkit coverage:

Doctor Droid can create reports from alerts being received in any of the following tools:

It also deeply understands the alert messages from popular alert sources. Following is what we currently cover:

We continuously keep adding integrations with more tools so that this report can be created for every engineering team, regardless of their stack.

How to get started?

  • Sign up at Alertops Product.
  • Add Doctor Droid app on in your Slack workspace.
  • Once the app is installed, you should see your report in the Alert Report section within a few minutes.
  • Here is a demo video from our CTO, sharing how to set up the integration and generate the report.


  1. For any other alert channel integration apart from Slack, do reach out to us. They are in beta, we will be happy to assist you in setup.
  2. In case you are integrating Doctor Droid on your Slack or google channels, we only have access to the messages on that channel and not of the entire workspace.
  3. Any direct messages posted by your team on the channel is ignored by our alert ingestion pipeline. Only alert messages from bots are read by us.

For any queries, reach out to our CTO @ [email protected] or just message us here!

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