Accelerate your investigation with a decision-tree like tool that assists you, like your colleague.

The objective of the investigation assistant is to simplify and automate manual triaging for on-call teams. Here are three key points before starting further:

✅ Works with your existing integrations.

✅ Transform your triaging logic to a playbook.

🔌 Empower your teammates to run your logic, or map it to an alert.

What is a playbook?

A playbook is a sequence of steps that have been defined in context of a specific situation, generally related to an issue in engineering. These steps could include:

  1. A Diagnosis step (metric / log fetch)
  2. A condition evaluation (rule)
  3. A written instruction (text)
  4. A remediation action

Benefits of playbook

  1. Share LIVE diagnosis with a team member (Use it to show your current state of investigation with your team mates in one click).
  2. Bring metrics and data from different tools in one-place in the sequence you want.
  3. Save playbook for future re-runs.
  4. Standardise diagnosis for critical features across your team.

Supported tools

  1. AWS Cloudwatch
  2. Grafana
  3. New Relic
  4. Datadog
  5. Sentry

Want another tool? Let us know. We are actively working on supporting integration with various tools.