AWS Cloudwatch

This is a step by step tutorial on how to enable access your AWS Cloudwatch.

Method 1: Via AssumeRole

This is an AWS recommended method for cross account access sharing.

  1. Enter your AWS Account Number in our integrations page.
  2. Follow the instructions in our integrations page to run the CloudFormationTemplate in your AWS Account. This will create the required role with the permissions.
  3. Enter the ARN of the role created (in your account) on Doctor Droid's integrations page.

Method 2: Via Access Key

Step 1: Create a new user in your CloudWatch

Go to this link within your AWS account IAM and create a new user.

Step 2: Attach only one policy of CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess to the user.

You don't need to add any group to the user.

Step 3: Once the user is created, create an access key by going to "Security Credentials".

Step 4: Select "Third-party service" while creating the key.

Step 5: Copy paste the access key and secret key in Doctor Droid Integrations page.