AWS Cloudwatch

  1. Prerequisites: Have your AWS credentials ready, including access key and secret access key, with permissions to access.
  2. Configuring Playbooks: In the Playbooks platform, navigate to Integrations > CloudWatch. Enter your AWS access key ID, secret access key, and specify the region your CloudWatch logs are stored in.
  3. Testing the Integration: Test the integration.

Note: For security reasons, some teams prefer to create a new user with access attached to these permissions.

Steps to create a new user:

Step 1: Create a new user in your CloudWatch

Go to this link within your AWS account IAM and create a new user.

Step 2: Attach one policy of CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess to the user.

You don't need to add any group to the user.

Step 3: Once the user is created, create an access key by going to "Security Credentials".

Step 4: Select "Third-party service" or "Application running on an AWS compute service" while creating the key.

Step 5: Copy paste the access key and secret key in Playbooks Integrations page.