Azure Log Analytics

To add Azure Log analytics as a data source, there are 4 keys that need to be configured within the your account:

  1. Subscription ID: This is the primary ID for your Azure account. Find steps here on how to retrieve the Subscription ID for your account.

For the next part of the process, you need to create an "Entra" app within your Azure account. You can find instructions on creating an Entra App here. After creating the Entra App, add the following "API permissions":

  • Azure Service Management -- user_impersonation (Delegated type).
  • Log Analytics API -- Data.Read (Application permissions).
  • Microsoft Graph -- User.Read (Delegated) -- this permission will be added by default in your app.

After creating the permissions, you will be able to fetch the following properties:

  1. Tenant ID
  2. Client ID
  3. Client Secret: Generate a Client Secret within the Entra App.