Entities of interest

Doctor Droid is offering beta access to advanced features that will help you model your product journey into entities that come with pre-defined metrics on their health and alerts based on their correct behaviour. Any deviations/anomalies are auto detected and intimated to the developers to pre-emptively protect your customers' experience.

What is an Entity?

Entities are stateful objects that business processes either create or affect. These processes could be driven by internal/external customers or are in background tasks. These entities transition into different states during these processes. They could be customers, e-commerce orders or payment refunds.

How to setup Entities?

Setup your Dr Droid account and go to 'Entities'. The configuration is similar to a monitor where you select events that represent the stateful object and choose the attribute in each of them which are linked together in those events.

How do Entities simplify monitoring?

Every entity could be linked to several business processes called State Machines. These entities can be monitored as individuals like order, user, cart, payment transaction and can be viewed under the lens of the state machine they were in like placement, fulfilment, onboarding, checkout, refund etc. While these state machines are more high-level, they are linked with internal metrics that drive them like API performance, Errors and hence, finding correlation between degrading customer experience and your backend becomes easy.

Below are some examples of state machines.

  1. A Merchant Payment State Machine (identified with transaction ID). Every box with a border signifies a related state machine.

  2. A Food Delivery State Machine (identified with Order ID)

  3. A data processing state machine comprising of multiple long-running asynchronous tasks

  4. A FinTech Trade execution state machine (identified with transaction ID)

  5. An onboarding state machine for lending (Identified with Application ID)

  6. An order placement state machine (identified with session_id, connected with order_id for the last step)

For gaining access to the beta program, setup a call with us here.