This document covers the details on how you can link your Segment account and start sending events to Doctor Droid using AWS Kinesis Firehose Delivery streams.

Use the following steps to setup the connection:

  1. In the Segment source that you want to connect to your Kinesis Firehose destination, click Add Destination and select AWS Kinesis Firehose
  2. Refer to this section for configuring the following settings for newly added AWS Kinesis firehose destination
    1. Map segment events to firehose delivery stream
    2. AWS Kinesis Firehose region (to be shared by Doctor Droid team)
    3. Role Address (arn to be shared by Doctor Droid team)
  3. Navigate to Amazon Kinesis Firehose destination in Segment, go to the Settings tab, and click the Secret ID setting. Share this value with the Doctor Droid team for them to configure in the kinesis firehose to allow data flow from your segment account to us.

Since this connector is in Beta, we will get on a call with you to convert your events into a format that Doctor Droid understands. Within a few months, this transformation should be configurable by you on the platform itself.