Send events from Segment to Dr. Droid via Kinesis Firehose Delivery Stream.

This document explains how you can connect your Segment account to send events to Doctor Droid.

Use the following steps to setup the connection:

  1. In the Segment source that you want to connect to your Kinesis Firehose destination, click Add Destination and select "Amazon Kinesis Firehose"
  2. Find and copy this secret ID after creating a new destination.
  3. Send secret ID to Dr. Droid team by clicking here:
  4. Dr. Droid team will share the following in response:
    1. AWS Kinesis Firehose Region (enter in connection settings)
    2. Role Address (enter in connection settings)
    3. Firehose Delivery Stream Destination (enter in connection settings --> Map Segment Events to Firehose Delivery Streams)
  5. Map segment events to firehose delivery stream

To switch on the delivery stream, click on the toggle and start seeing the events in Dr. Droid!

To try Dr. Droid, sign up here.