Playbook Tasks

Every Playbook can have the following parameters:

  1. Playbook Title: Name of the playbook.
  2. Description: Description of the playbook explaining what the playbook can help the user with.
  3. Global Variables: Variables that can be defined for usage across the playbook.
  4. Time Range: A global time range for usage across all queries within the playbook.
  5. Playbook steps: A Playbook step is an execution of a procedure or fetching of a data in helping achieve the objective of the playbook.

Playbook Step Essentials:

A Playbook can further be defined as follows:

  1. Title: Name of the Step
  2. Notes: Description of why that step is being taken, how to interpret data from that step or any additional information to assist the user.
  3. External Links: Any 3rd party links that can be relevant in context of the step.
  4. Step Configuration: What tool does this step refer to? What action or execution within that tool?
  5. Output: The result of execution of "Step Configuration".
  6. Interpreter: Model being used to analyse and interpret the output from this step's configuration.
  7. Step Variables: In case you are using Grafana+Prometheus integration, any variable defined in your metric_query using $var_name will be accessible in the step with a dropdown.
A sample step for a cloudwatch metric

A sample step for a cloudwatch metric