Data Sources

Currently, we only support the metrics & structured events on the platform. To import logs, you can use our buffer, filter and auto-transform tooling layer in place that enables seamless usability and insights [Private Beta].

S.No.Data SourceData TypeStatusTime to go LIVE
1Native SDKEventsLIVE, self-serve0-5 minutes
2Native APIEventsLIVE, self-serve0-5 minutes
3SQSEventsVia Kinesis Firehose0-5 minutes
4AWS Kinesis FirehoseEventsPublic Beta0-5 minutes
5KafkaEventsVia Kinesis Firehose0-5 minutes
6SegmentEventsPublic Beta30 minutes, 1 call/email
7CloudWatch LogsLogs, EventsPublic BetaUpto 24 hours, 1 call
8DatadogMetricsPublic Beta0-5 minutes
9NewRelicMetrics, LogsPublic Beta0-5 minutes
10SentryError TracesPrivate Beta0-30 minutes, 1 call/email
11OpenTelemetry ExporterTraces, MetricsPrivate Beta0-30 minutes, 1 call/email
12PrometheusMetricsPrivate Beta0-30 minutes, 1 call/email
13AmplitudeEvents/MetricsPrivate Beta30 minutes, 1 call/email
14ElasticSearchLogs, EventsPrivate BetaUpto 24 hours, 1 call
15Apache PinotOLAPPrivate BetaUpto 24 hours, 1 call
16Google Cloud OperationsLogs, MetricsPrivate BetaUpto 24 hours, 1 call
17CloudWatch MetricsMetricsPrivate BetaUpto 24 hours, 1 call
23Apache DruidOLAPSep-23

How to access any of the sources mentioned in Private Beta?

To access sources in private beta, please sign up and request access or write to us at [email protected]

What type of data will you take from the connected source?

Depending on the use-cases that you want to drive, you can define the events that you want us to receive. Most connectors enable you to add filters while setting up the forwarder.

Do you deal with unstructured data / logs?

No. Currently, we only support structured data.

Is using a connector as good as passing events directly via SDK?

YES. The only difference is that in case you use a connector, the latency of the events will be a derivative of the connector's latency. In case of SDK, we have a latency of less than 10 seconds before it's visible on the platform.