Context: Using this guide, you can add any existing Grafana panel (powered with a Prometheus source), directly into Doctor Droid along with it's configurations and filters. You can refer to the Prometheus integration guide if you are looking to only add raw PromQL queries.

To connect your Grafana account to Doctor Droid's playbooks, the step vary basis the version of Grafana that you are using.

For version 9.1 and above:

  1. Prerequisites: Ensure you have admin access to your Grafana instance and the ability to generate Service Accounts.

  2. Create Service Account: In your Grafana dashboard, navigate to Admin >> Users & Access >> Service Accounts >> Create a Service Account

  3. Generate Service Account Key: Within Service Account, create a new API key/token with Viewer permissions.

  4. Configuring Doctor Droid: Go to Integrations > Grafana in the Doctor Droid dashboard. Enter your Grafana instance URL and the API key you generated.

  5. Testing the Integration: Test the integration by creating a playbook that queries Grafana for dashboard metrics or logs to ensure data is being pulled correctly.

Note: If you are using an older version of Grafana, you will be able to create an API key instead of Service Account key. Additionally, after 9.1, Grafana introduced a few breaking changes so please connect with us in case any of your functionalities are not working as expected.