AWS Kinesis Firehose

How to create a Kinesis Firehose to forward events to Dr. Droid platform?

Steps to setup a Kinesis Data Firehose to forward events to Dr. Droid platform.

Note: You will need our team's assistance in Step 2(f). Please request for access here.

Step 1:

Go to your AWS Console and go to the "Kinesis Firehose" home page.

Step 2:

Create Delivery Stream. Fill the details:

a. Source: Direct PUT

b. Type: HTTP

c. HTTP Endpoint URL:

d. Access Key: Bearer <Enter your key here>

e. Content Encoding: Not enabled

f. Add parameters: Depending on the input data source, the following keys will vary. To get these details and activate your data on our platform, you can request access from the portal.


g. Click on "Create Delivery Stream".

Once this is done, you should start seeing all the events in the platform within a few minutes.