Fetch Metrics

Within Playbooks, different types of metric sources can be queried, and in multiple ways. Read more about the different types of metrics & configurations we allow, below:

  1. AWS Cloudwatch Metrics Query:
    1. Fetch any of the metrics present within Cloudwatch.
    2. Define specific metric basis Namespace, Region, Dimensions and/or MetricName.
  2. Fetch PromQL metric queries from existing Grafana Dashboards:
    1. Fetch data from your existing Dashboards in Grafana.
    2. Extract query from within a panel and re-use it in Playbooks.
    3. Variables: Extract possible variable values for var_name in case $var_name exists within the Query. This dropdown is also fetched from existing Grafana configuration.
    4. Custom Query: String access to the query in case you want to make tweaks to the query.
  3. Datadog:
    1. Fetch metric for any custom query.
    2. Fetch golden signals mapped to any of the services.
    3. Fetch panels from custom dashboards into Playbooks.
      Note: In case you have any out of the box dashboards (provided by Datadog), the Datadog connector is not able to fetch that data.
  4. New Relic:
    1. Directly select a query that you are currently tracking in any New Relic widget.
    2. Select Golden Signals of any of the services (entities of type Application).
    3. Run any custom NRQL.
  5. Prometheus:
  6. Mimir:
  7. VictoriaMetrics:
  8. CubeAPM:
  9. Sentry APM:
  10. Azure Monitor:
  11. Elastic APM: