Okta Integration

Create an Okta app

  1. From the Okta Admin Console, select Create App Integration from the Applications menu.

  2. For Sign-in method, select OIDC - OpenID Connect.

  3. For Application type, select Single Page App and click Next.

  4. Configure New Single App Integration Operations:

  5. App integration name: Choose a name for the app.

  6. Grant type: Select Authorization Code and Refresh Token.

  7. Sign-in redirect URIs: Replace the default setting with the Grafana Cloud Okta path, replacing <YOUR_HOST> with the value of your host name: https://<YOUR_HOST>/oauth/callback/okta.

Make a note of the following:

  1. ClientID
  2. Okta Domain

Set env variables OKTA_DOMAIN and OKTA_CLIENT_ID

OKTA_DOMAIN='' OKTA_CLIENT_ID='' docker-compose -f deploy.docker-compose.yaml up -d