Automate your repetitive, manual tasks

Playbooks is an Open Source platform to automate investigation of Production Issues.

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Our goals with PlayBooks are:

  • Make it collaborative / easy to share investigation progress
  • Automation first / AI friendly
  • With / without laptop (work with Slack + be phone friendly)


  • Deep integrations with observability stack, alerting stack and communication tools.
  • Mimic reasoning through conditional steps within investigation & remediation PlayBooks.
  • Collaboration & easy to share.


Using PlayBooks, a user can configure the steps as data queries or actions within their observability stack. Here are the integrations we currently support:

  • Run bash commands on a remote server
  • Fetch logs from AWS Cloudwatch, Azure, GCP, Loki and ElasticSearch
  • Fetch metrics from any Prometheus, Mimir, AWS Cloudwatch, Datadog and New Relic
  • Query PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, MySQL or any other JDBC compatible databases
  • Write a custom API call
  • Query deployment info from EKS / GKE / self-hosted k8s clusters
  • Send emails
  • Add an iFrame
  • Read alerts from PagerDuty, Slack, MS Teams or a webhook
  • Send updates to PagerDuty, Slack or MS Teams

The platform focuses on not just running the tasks but also displaying information in a meaningful form with relevant graphs / logs / text outputs alongside the steps in a notebook format. Some of our users have shared feedback that on-call decision making overload has reduced with PlayBooks as relevant data from multiple tools is presented upfront in one page.

See full list of integrations here.


  • Auto-trigger: Automated links of PlayBooks sent with alerts.
  • Summarisation: Receive investigation data along with the link so you can do an initial analysis before even logging in.

Getting started

See installation instructions here.


Read more about contributing to the project here.

Feedback & Feature Requests

We are excited to hear what you like about the PlayBooks and what you think could improve the oncall developer experience for your team. You can ping us on our Slack community or write to us at founders [at] drdroid [dot] io – we will read them eagerly and respond!

Curious to read about our motivation behind PlayBooks? Check it here.

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