Automate your repetitive, manual tasks

Welcome to Playbooks documentation

Playbooks is an Open Source platform for investigation automation.

What are Playbooks?

PlayBooks is a way to standardise on-call investigation & analysis. A Playbook can be integrated with all of users’ observability & data sources like their APM, logging platform, tracing platforms, Metrics dashboards & panels, Containers / k8s environments, Deployment tools.

Why PlayBooks?

  • Investigation Automation: An engineer can define a set of steps in within a Playbook and configure it to auto-trigger in relevant on-call situations. The summary can be considered as an enrichment of an alert.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Share Playbook repository with other engineers so they can do complex investigations in 1-click without any overhead of human error or context switching between multiple tools.

  • Analysis & Investigation Summarisation: There is an interpretation layer as well where a user can configure either an LLM or a statistical model to evaluate the data and send user the summary alongside alerts.

  • Community Templates: Any engineer within a community can share their logic for investigation in form of a template with other engineers in the community.