Automate your repetitive, manual tasks

Welcome to Playbooks documentation

Playbooks is an automation tool designed to eliminate toil for engineers by streamlining repetitive, manual tasks.

Doctor Droid seamlessly integrates with a multitude of data sources and provides a platform for creating powerful, user-defined playbooks. Whether you're dealing with log searches, database queries, monitoring metrics, or needing a consolidated view of your operational metrics, Doctor Droid has you covered.

The goal of this documentation is to equip you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate with your preferred data sources and guide you through the process of creating effective playbooks. From basic setups to advanced automation strategies, we've tailored this resource to ensure you have a smooth and successful journey with Doctor Droid.

Quick Start Guide

If you're eager to get started, our Quick Start Guide is the perfect launching point. It covers the essentials: setting up your Doctor Droid account, familiarizing yourself with the user interface, and guiding you through the creation of your first playbook. This guide is designed to get you up and running with Doctor Droid as quickly as possible, providing a solid foundation for more advanced topics and customization.

We're excited to support you on your journey to a more automated, efficient, and enjoyable engineering experience. Welcome aboard!