PostgreSQL Database


  1. Prerequisites: Obtain the database host, port, and credentials (username and password) with read access to the databases you want to query.

  2. Adding the connection: Go to Integrations > PostgreSQL in the Playbooks dashboard. Enter your database connection details. This includes your host, port, username and password.

  3. Testing the Integration: Create a playbook that includes a step to run a simple SELECT query against your PostgreSQL database and verify the results are fetched correctly.


After adding postgreSQL as a connection, you can do the following:

  • Run a query on PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL limited access

To restrict permissions to the users accessing PostgreSQL instance via Playbooks, we recommend creating a custom role with the minimal permissions to get the relevant data. Here are 3 queries that you can run in your pgSQL query console to create a new account:

Create a new user:

CREATE USER demo_video WITH PASSWORD '%3v8923nv3yn5I';

Give required permissions to the user:

GRANT SELECT ON table_name TO demo_video;

Verify permissions granted:

  FROM information_schema.role_table_grants 
 WHERE grantee = 'demo_video';