Slack enrichment with Playbooks

Setup quick display of critical metrics, db query and log search results in your slack alerts within seconds

The document is an end-to-end guide to enriching an alert in your Slack channel with contextual information from your observability stack.

[Estimated Time: 15 minutes]

Step 1: Setup self-hosted instance.

Once setup, go to http://localhost or your installation location and signup for an account in your local instance.

Step 2: Setup your Slack bot

Follow step-by-step tutorial in this page.

Step 3: Add app in your slack channels

Add bot to relevant Slack channel where you want to enrich alerts by typing "@MyDroid" or "@Doctor Droid" or any other name that you defined while creating the Slack App.


Now your Slack App and playbooks backend are connected.

Step 4: Create Workflow to automate enrichment

  1. Select the filter criteria for your alerts - Go to create workflow and filter the alerts you want to enrich.

    1. The string entered in "Filter" will be searched within your alert text while evaluating if the workflow needs to be triggered for a specific alert or not.

  2. Link a Playbook to the workflow. In case you have not yet created a playbook, read this guide on how to create a Playbook.

  3. Setup Schedule - Once the alert criteria and playbook are selected, choose how you want to execute this playbook. Schedule options available:

    1. Execute only once post the alert comes.
    2. Execute it periodically after a fixed interval for a certain duration. (Every 15 minutes for next 4 hours)
    3. Choose a custom cron schedule of your choice. (The cron schedule will work in UTC timezone) (* 5 * * *)
  4. Setup Notification - You can choose one of the following:

    1. Reply back with the executed playbook summary in the same alert's thread (only possible if you chose Slack as trigger type)
    2. Publish the execute playbook summary into a slack channel directly (you'll have to enter the channel's name once you select this option)
  5. Test Notification:
    Test the notification workflow to receive data points right into your Slack channels.

Once you create the workflow, you are set for getting playbook execution summaries against every workflow execution (as per the schedule).