Triggers are rules using which you can get alerts for an events pattern. Doctor Droid provides a flexible manner to create rules based on relative behaviour between events.

You can create triggers for events being missed within a pattern on an individual or an aggregated manner. You can also create a formula based trigger where you pick attributes from each event and then create a boolean expression using them. That expression, whenever true, marks that specific entity as having fulfilled the trigger rule. You can receive alerts for each of such instances or an aggregation of them over a period of time.

For example, you can setup these complex trigger rules very easily:

  1. In a data processing pipeline, you can setup a % or count based failure rate above which you should get an alert.
  2. In an order fulfilment product, you can setup ETA based alerts for every order on a locality level or for its average in the dinner time on an hourly basis.
  3. In a login OTP flow, you can get notified in real-time if your SMS delivery success is dipping.
  4. In a gig workers payout state machine, track speed of transfer and get notified of failure rates and patterns like specific recipient banks failing.

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