Product Roadmap

Read more about our motivation behind Dr. Droid here.

Our roadmap is distributed into 3 sections:

  • Entity Definition Platform
  • Integrations & Plugins
  • Actions & Intelligence

Entity Definition Platform:

Join event streams in real-time and setup alertsLIVECore Platform Feature
Entities discovery, search and alertingMay '23 LIVECore Platform Feature
Metrics Visualisations for Events & MonitorsMay '23 LIVEVisualisation
Panels for Events & MonitorsJune '23LIVEVisualisation
Metrics Visualisations & Panels for EntitiesJune' 23In BetaVisualisation
Saved dashboards for panelsJuly '23In BetaCore Platform Feature
Granular Role Based Access ControlsAug '23Core Platform Feature
Self-hosting on private AWS account ⭐️Dec'23Security & Data Privacy

Connectors, Integrations & Plugins

API-based event generationLIVEIntegration
Python SDK + asynchronous agentLIVEIntegration
Connectors for events from Sentry, Cloudwatch, ElasticIn BetaConnector
Connectors to Segment, Amplitude, MixPanel (CleverTap not feasible)In BetaConnector
Java SDKMay '23 LIVEIntegration
GoLang, Javascript SDKJuly '23Integration
Otel Compatible libraries for generating eventsJuly '23Integration
Kenobi (Stealth) ⭐️July '23Auto-instrumentation
Connector to existing Datalake & APM toolsJuly '23Connector

Actions & Intelligence

Slack & Email integrationsLIVEActions
Event pattern identificationJune '23Intelligence
JIRA, PagerDuty, OpsGenie & MS Teams integrationsJune '23Actions
Custom web hooks & Authenticated APIJuly '23Actions
Custom email scripts / templatesJuly '23Actions
User Level state machine definitionSep '23Intelligence